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duet Dance Academy
Recreational Program
Tuition & Policies

45 Minute class

1 Hour class

Each Additional Class 








Below are our Recreational Program Policies.  By registering for classes you are agreeing to these policies.

Registration Policy

Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Registration may be completed online or at the studio.

Classes will be closed to further enrollment once maximum capacity has been reached.

An annual registration fee of $25 per student will be collected at the time of enrollment plus first month's tuition payment.

Dance Class Tuition

Tuition is a monthly fee due on the first of each month. Each class meets weekly.

Tuition is based on an entire season (August -May) with an average of 35 classes per season.  Payments are broken up into 10 equal monthly payments.  There are no tuition adjustments on a monthly basis based on the number of times classes meet. Some months will have 5 classes while others may have 3 due to holidays and school closings.

Tuition is non-refundable and is not based on a student's attendance in their classes.

Payment Policy

All families must have a credit or debit card on file from which tuition and other fees are drafted on due dates.

If payment is not received by the 5th, a $15 late fee will automatically be added to the account.  

We use an automatic payment system that will charge your credit or debit card on file on the 1st of each month.

All charges will appear on your bank or credit card statement as being from Duet Dance.

By registering for classes, you are authorizing Duet to charge your card on file for tuition, costume, recital, and other fees including purchases you tell us to charge to your account.

A $25 NSF fee will apply if payment is declined on the card on file repeatedly.

Transfer Fees

There is a $10 transfer fee for each class transfer. This fee will be charged to the card on file when the class transfer is made. Transfer requests must be be made in writing by email to

Recital Fee

The Recital Fee is $135 for each student enrolled in Recreational Classes.

Recital fees are deemed due when you register for class and will be charged to the credit/debit card on file with the January tuition payment on January 1.  

This fee pays for a student's recital participation, recital t-shirt, video of the recital performance, group recital photo of their class, and other administration costs.  

Each student receives 2 tickets to the Spring Recital as part of this fee. 

By registering for classes you are agreeing to pay this fee.

Recital Fees are non-refundable.  Upon withdrawal from class during the year, the Recital Fee will need to be paid if withdrawal occurs after December 15.

Costume  Fee

Costume Fee varies by class level and is a per costume fee.

Each Recreational Class will have one (1) costume unless we tell you otherwise. 

Classes for multiple dance styles will have one dance and one costume.  The instructor will pick the strongest dance style for the class to perform in the recital. 

Costume fees are deemed due when you register for class.

Students enrolled by October 30th will be charged the Costume Fee with their November tuition payment. 

Students enrolled after October 30th will pay the Costume Fee upon enrollment. 

Pre-K Classes - $90 Costume Fee

Mini, Junior, & Elementary Classes - $95 Costume Fee
Teen Classes - $100 Costume Fee

Acro Classes - $90 Costume Fee

Costume fees are non-refundable.

Makeup Classes Policy

Dancers who miss class may attend another class in the same level/age group as a makeup class.

Makeup classes must be scheduled with our front desk staff.

Each student is allowed three (3) makeup classes per season only during the months of September through January.

In the event the studio cancels a class, a makeup class/day will be scheduled. This will only be done for class cancellations not related to full studio closure cancellations related to inclement weather, emergencies, etc.

Withdrawal Policy

Written notice must be given to withdraw from a class.

  • Notice must be given using our Withdrawal Request Form found at

  • Phone calls, emails, or verbally telling a staff member you are withdrawing is not accepted as notice of withdrawal.

  • There is a $50 withdrawal fee. This fee will be charged to your payment method on file when we process your withdrawal request.

  • No prorating or refunds of tuition or other fees will be issued due to withdrawing from classes.

  • The annual Recital Fee must be paid if withdrawal occurs after December 15.

  • Recital fee, Costume fees, and Tuition payments are all non-refundable.


General Policies

All fees and tuition payments are non-refundable.

There will be no prorating or refunds given due to missed classes or classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

In the event the studio is forced to close for a period of time or is otherwise prohibited from having in-person classes, for example, due to a pandemic or health related emergency, Duet may, at its sole discretion, utilize on-line learning techniques (e.g., video conference, recorded video sessions, etc.) in lieu of traditional in-person classes. 

Communication Policy

Duet Dance Academy's primary form of communication is via email. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have your correct email address so that you receive our communications. You can update your email address on file at any time by logging into your account on our Parent Portal, or by notifying us at the front desk.


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