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A Dancer's Christmas Wish List

As a parent, sometimes its hard to know what your dancer may want for Christmas. We are here to help you with a list of dance items any dancer would be happy to receive!

#1 A bullet skirt

Bullet skirts come in a ton of different colors but here are some of our favorite Duet Dance colors!

Adult Skirts:

Girls Skirts:

#2 Trashbag pants/shorts

Girls Shorts:

Girls Pants:

Adult Shorts:

Adult Pants:

#3 Tire Band

A tire band helps dancers to stretch and is something we use at the studio in class!

#4 Arch Stretcher

An arch stretcher to help strengthen your dancers feet.

#5 A dot to dance

A portable marley circle so that dancers can practice their turns and tap at home

#6 Foam Roller

A foam roller to help roll out your dancers sore muscles

#7 Muscle Massager

A smaller muscle roller to take on the go and to help roll out arches and smaller muscles

#8 An emergency hair kit

For all of your hair emergencies

#9 Ballet Dictionary

A dictionary to teach your dancer all the ballet terms they will ever need to know

#10 Some hairbands

And of corse you can never go wrong with some Duet Dance apparel!

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