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Why Sprung Marley Topped Dance Floors are Important

Dance, whether recreational or professional, is an activity typically requiring a wide range of movements that often includes jumping and landing. Over time, these movements may adversely affect the joints, bones and muscles of the body if the wrong kind of flooring is installed.  

sprung dance floor can reduce the impact of these movements and provide protection against common dance injuries. This can be especially important for young dancers, whose bones are still developing.  A sprung floor provides additional shock absorption, as compared to a traditional dance floor, by having a slight give to the surface when a dancer lands on the floor. ​A professional dance studio should be equipped with a professional sprung floating floor to reduce the risk of injury during dance lessons. The sprung floor rests or 'floats' on high density foam, which serves as a shock absorber when a dancer jumps and lands on the floor. This high density foam is topped with crossed layers of plywood or hardwood and then topped with a surface covering specifically designed for dance. The sprung floor allows some of the shock waves that would have been transmitted to the joints of a dancer's body to be absorbed by the floor. So the dancer stays safe, strong and healthy.

Marley is the surface covering preferred by most dancers and used by professional dance companies. Named after the British company that originally produced the floor, Marley floors are considered the premier choice for virtually all forms of dance. Marley has a smooth surface that is neither too sticky nor too slippery. It provides a slip-resistant surface for all dancers, young and old alike, ideal for movement and turns, but without being excessively sticky or slippery. Marley allows dancers to slide with a controlled degree of slip reducing the risk of slipping or falling.  When compared to wood, a Marley floor is light, flexible, and long lasting. Marley floors tend to be more expensive than most other kinds of floors. This is why most dance studios you walk into won't have them installed.

For our dancers' health and safety, Duet has chosen to invest in a professional sprung floor system and Marley covering.  The Marley coverings we use are the same as those used by professional ballet companies, like the Atlanta Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, Joffrey Ballet, Juilliard School, and the New York City Ballet.  Our floors are suitable for all of the forms of dance we offer, including tap.

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