COVID Studio Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Will dancers be required to wear masks?

Wearing masks will not be mandatory unless there is a government mandate to do so.  However, we do recommend that dancers wear masks when entering/exiting the studio and while in the hallways and lobby.  In class, students will have marked off space on the floor so they may stay socially distanced from others in the classroom.


Will staff/instructors be required to wear masks?

Our front desk staff will be required to wear masks when interacting with dancers and/or parents at the front desk and during class change times or other high traffic times in the lobby. Instructors and staff are asked to wear masks while in hallways and lobby when dancers are present.  Masks are not required for instructors during class when they are 6 feet distanced from students.  They will wear a mask when in close proximity to a student while giving physical corrections.


Are parents/visitors required to wear masks?

We recommend wearing a mask when entering/exiting the studio and while in our lobby or hallways. Our lobby and other common areas are closed. If you do enter the building for a brief front desk visit, please wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and follow social distancing guidelines.


What are drop-off and pick-up procedures?  

Drop off - Dancers should remain outside the studio building until their teacher or other staff member calls them into the studio.  We ask parents to wait in their cars and not enter the studio unless you need to visit the front desk, register a new student, or make a payment or other purchase.  Parents may escort their dancers to the front door for safe entry.


Pick-up – Parents please wait in your car or the front sidewalk for your dancer to come out at the end of class.  Young dancers will be escorted out by a staff member for their safety and the staff member will make sure their parent is there to pick them up.  If you are running late for pick-up, please call and alert the front desk so they can keep your dancer in the lobby until you arrive to pick them up.


Will classes end early due to the need to sanitize classrooms?

We will be staggering class beginning and ending times to allow for sanitizing classrooms and to keep hallway and lobby congestion down to allow for social distancing.  Your dancer’s class may end up to five minutes early to allow for this. 


How often/what surfaces are being sanitized?

Common classroom surfaces (barres, doorknobs, etc.) will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes between each class.  Bathrooms, classrooms, lobby, and hallway surfaces will be cleaned daily. Dance floors are cleaned weekly.  The entire studio is professionally cleaned every two weeks where all surfaces are disinfected.


What procedures do we have in place if a dancer or staff member tests positive for COVID?

If a dancer or staff member tests positive for COVID, we will follow the recommendations of the Georgia Department of Public Health regarding closures, cleaning, or changes to our procedures.  Anyone that came in contact with the dancer or staff member would be notified.


If it becomes necessary to close the studio for in-person classes, we will convert to virtual for all classes. You’ll be able to access the virtual class links via your parent portal class listings.


What procedures do we have in place if schools shut down?  If all businesses are shut down?

If schools close we will evaluate the risk of continuing in-person classes.  If we do decide to shut down or are required to shut down, we will convert to virtual for all classes. You’ll be able to access the virtual class links via your parent portal class listings.


Do we plan on having a Christmas Show and Recital?

We are not planning a Christmas Show this year, but we will be having other Christmas Activities.


We are planning to have a Recital this year. The recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2021.  If we are not able to host the recital at the planned venue, we will still have a recital of some sort.

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